Issuer Owned / Operated

We see a world where non-USD stablecoin issuers come together to build a core piece of infrastructure for the respective communities and help grow the pie.

  • 60% of global currency reserves are USD, yet 99% of on-chain FX is USD-denominated

  • The exclusive purpose of Stabull Finance is to facilitate safe and permissionless instant swaps for tokenized FX and commodities.

  • Stabull Finance intends to be governed by the Stablecoin industry itself as a consortium (similar to ICANN for domain name registration) of vested partners.

Aim: Revolutionise the use of stablecoins via a collaborative protocol and set up a core piece of infrastructure for our assets and respective communities.

  • Co-governance by stablecoin issuers and trusted liquidity providers to benefit each project and allow the group as a whole to flourish.

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