Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining is a program to incentivize users to provide liquidity to the Stabull protocol, while also promoting long-term sustainability and aligning the incentives of key stakeholders.

Liquidity Mining Program

  • Users who provide liquidity to Stabull pools will be rewarded with $STABUL tokens.

  • 30% of the $STABUL total supply, 3,000,000 tokens, has been allocated to the liquidity mining program. This will be distributed over 10 years via an exponentially decaying emission schedule.

  • Liquidity Providers (LPs) can participate in the program by staking their LP tokens in the corresponding LP Staking Pools. Staked LP tokens will immediately start accruing rewards, which can be claimed periodically (e.g. when gas efficient).

  • The proportion of rewards distributed to each LP Staking Pool will be determined by the volume of the corresponding swap pools and a set of weights that can be voted on by token holders.


  • In addition to the 3 million tokens allocated from the total supply, the Liquidity Mining Program will also receive a share of protocol swap fees.

  • 70% of the fee collected from every swap on Stabull pools will be used to buy $STABULL and continuously replenish the Liquidity Mining Program.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

  • 20% of the total $STABUL token supply is designated as "non-sellable" POL tokens.

  • POL tokens cannot be sold and can only be staked to receive a percentage of the protocol's success.

  • POL tokens are designed to bootstrap initial liquidity and provide a passive income stream for key stakeholders.

  • 20% of all protocol fees will be used to purchase tokens from the market and distribute them to POL token holders, creating a sustainable revenue stream.

  • POL tokens are intended to incentivize long-term commitment and support from market makers, stablecoin issuers, and other strategic partners.

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