Progress since January 2023

IDEATION: 10 major non-USD stablecoin issuers were consulted by Stabull.Finance advisors through collaborative workshops to discuss what the industry needs from this ‘common infrastructure.

REFINEMENT: The outcome of these workshops were converted into features/functions and spec documents that were taken up by developers who subsequently architected the framework of this custom-built for-the-industry project.

MARKET APPETITE CONFIRMATION: Most stablecoin issuers indicated via LOI they were keen to be incentivised with governance tokens over a long vesting period in return for providing liquidity to their non-USD stablecoin-based pools from initial launch.

FUNDING & Liquidity: Soft-Sounding was started to discuss with major blockchain ecosystem funds/grants, Exchanges, Market Makers, FX Brokers and specialist partners to expedite adoption.

Moving Forward:

Governance: Fully decentralized and democratized governance structure to emerge over time.

Phase 1: Launch with essential partners 3-5 Stabelcoin Pools on Avalanche and Polygon to swap and stake into. MVP will include Protocol Liquidity Staking and $SFX staking.

Phase 2: 3-5 more pools and 1-2 more chains integrated. StaBull Finance will follow liquidity and demand when considering new chains and pools to launch.

Phase 2 will aim to include Limit Orders and/or RFQ facility institutional and larger swap sizes.

  • Governance voting via Snapshot.

  • Integration to begin in phase 2. $SFX holders to decide % ratios of network fees and amount of $SFX emissions for all pool APY.

  • Governance Proposal will be via Discourse integration.

Phase 3: Even more pools/chain integrations.

  • Further governance decentralization allowing $SFX token holders to vote on use of Network Liquidity and more advanced proposals including hiring/firing administrators.

  • 1- Inch, Balancer and Curve integrations to bring “external pools” functionality.

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